Australian Cattle Dog in Cowboy Hat

Australian Cattle Dogs

A good Australian Cattle Dog is loyal and devoted to his master and family.

Many are one man dogs, aloof with strangers,  protective of all family members.

They are possessive yet gentle with those they trust. He is sensitive to the wishes of his master, willing and anxious to please yet hard as nails and totally fearless with livestock.

The Breed is medium sized, sturdily built, athletic, capable of quick bursts of speed with stamina to work all day. Australian cattle dogs are very intelligent. This is not linked to the instincts, intelligence is the ability to learn.

Alaskan Malamutes

The Alaskan malamute is known as the “king of the northern breeds”. They belong to the spitz family of dogs.

Mals were bred to haul heavy freight for long distances. Power and endurance, well-muscled, deep chests strong well boned legs, stand off coats and a well furred tail that waves over his back were some of the requirements needed.

The malamute is the oldest sled dog in history.